Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My first day as a blogger!

This has been an exciting year for me...I became a regular on Twitter this past summer, and now, I am typing (do we even say that anymore?) my first official blog!  

My name is Amy Mahoney, and I am a Spanish teacher at Norton High School in Norton, MA.  I am currently beginning my eighth year of teaching, but technically, I started this job 14 years ago.  I had a seven-year stint as a stay-at-home mom in the middle of what I call "Round One" and "Round Two" of teaching.  Now that I'm getting in the swing of being back in the classroom, I am returning to graduate school and am currently in my first Rhode Island College Education class.

I think that my passion is linguistics; I have a fun time making up words from the fake Yiddish I never learned.  Obviously, I love Spanish.  I certainly have an accent as it is my second language, and I am far from perfect when communicating, but I am always working to improve and speak it as much as possible.   I'm a talker, so I hear!   My husband is the exact opposite of me, thank God.

I look forward to learning, sharing more about myself, and blogging! 

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