Friday, October 18, 2013

Checking in to say hello and fill you in on daytime television

Well, it has been 11 days since my knee surgery and I am finally up and about (a little) and feeling human again!!!  Thank you, Dr. Bogad, for posting the notes!  I'm planning on being back in class next Wednesday night, now that I am of sound mind and shaky body!!!  Anyway, I have been thinking of all of you while spending so much time as a couch potato.  I have watched the ENTIRE Netflix series "Orange is the New Black" and have loved it!   Brittany was right; it highlights a lot of societal assumptions and stereotypes in the setting of a women's federal prison.  I also saw the following interesting segment on the Today Show about home visits, or "Teacher House Calls", (except I can't seem to insert the video at the moment) and immediately thought of Mary's school.  It's hard to tell, but take a look because it appears to me as though they're mistaken; Rhode Island is not highlighted as one of the few states where teachers are conducting home visits.  I noticed that Massachusetts is highlighted.   I have changed my opinion; I'm all for them!  
I can't wait to start this week's reading now that I'm done with the heavy duty pain medication, and stay tuned... I may even be co-facilitating our next class with Brittany.  Thanks for all of your well wishes!  I decided to dedicate my new ACL to Tom Brady, since we share the same doctor.

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